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Here is Something Worth Mentioning

Hello everyone, I think it is very important that from time to time, whenever we hear about an event, or someone or some business / organization being a part of the solution to do some good in some real way, that we let everyone here know.

It is important so that we encourage other businesses to follow good example and so that we do business with good businesses.

It will make good businesses stronger and not so good businesses either change their ways or eventually be out of business.

For example, some Certified B Corporations located in San Antonio that I would suggest we look into doing business with and working with.

The great reason we can feel good about these businesses is because for them to be a Certified B Corporation they actually have to go through a re certification process every few years that requires them to get a passing score in environmental and governance best practices for business based on a wide range of practices such as how they treat their employees, and how they treat the environment etc…

I think we really need to support these businesses and the movement!

If you know any other business that are doing some real good that you would like to give a shout out to please let us know by posting it in this group, and if they are unaware of what a Certified B Corporation is send them to for more details.

TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair and Conference

We had the opportunity to attend the TCEQ environmental trade fair and conference and award Ceremony Banquet in Austin Texas (which will be in San Antonio Next Year) and we spoke with some really cool organizations that are doing their part to be conscience minded to do things in a way or help other businesses do things in a way that is better for our planet and the people who live on it. We thought it would be nice to let you know about some of the organizations that we talked to while we were there, so here are some links to some organizations we talked with:

Texas Disposal Systems
Recycle Technologies
UTA Environmental Training
Tradebe Environmental services
Spectrum Environmental Solutions
Baer Engineering
Tetra Tech
Montrose Environmental
Ninyo and Moore
Freese and Nichols
Coastal Container Services
Crystal Clean
Ion Science
CDN Smith
Genesis Energies
Trinity Consultants
Environmental Standards
Summit Environmental Services
RSB Environmental
Environmental Noise Control