This is not a good way to live.

Unfortunately without a structured way to live sometimes comes a big chaotic mess.

What causes homelessness and what keeps it going

The cause of homelessness can range from drugs, or alcohol addiction, haunting criminal records, domestic violence, lack of affordable housing, or house disaster or foreclosure due to low or no income from job loss or under employment, health conditions, no family or Friend support, not trusting the government, physical or mental disabilities, post traumatic stress, fear, grief, despair, anxiety, not being prepared for living on ones own, etc…

And then to make matters worse, getting out of being homeless may be even more difficult than keeping from getting homeless in the first place once you have become homeless, because when you become homeless your problems just keep adding up until you are merely existing in very bad conditions. Some of the added difficulties are being rejected because of lack of hygiene, lack of transportation, lack of security, lack of shelter, lack of healthy family support, lack of knowledge of needed support, lack of mental health that comes from a good outlook on life, a lot of which most non homeless people already have setup as a part of a working system of structure that most homeless people do not have setup and in addition to not having setup they have the added difficulties of what it is like to have to survive on the streets.

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Homelessness Affects All of Us!

Currently there is a major Homeless Problem in the City of San Antonio.
There are a number of ways to try to solve the Homeless Problem.
Please check this box if you have some possible solutions.

I would like to help!

Please help the Homeless by tutoring or mentoring them in some kind of skillset, or giving them some kind of work, or life guidance, so that there will be success in life when preparation meets opportunity.

Homeless Guidance

It may not be the most pleasant type of work out there, but for any homeless person who is not living in denial, it could be the start leading to other opportunities that can help create a sustainable not homeless lifestyle.

The main idea is that there is some way to learn to earn for some people that are able and willing.

Child / Youth Guidance

An estimated 50% of homeless people were in the foster care system at some point. And we are not saying that foster care is bad, just that it has some bad results as well as some good results, so be the good!

The main idea is that it is important that we help foster care children while they are young so that they do not end up homeless and helpless when they get older.

With your help and support we can work together to provide opportunities to the homeless to give encouragement and resources that will enable, and promote development of good habits of success that will be the building blocks of change towards having a new good start in life! 

So we really need people to help us to find or start using

solutions that works to help people get out of being homeless!

We have started to meet some of the people on the streets to find out what got them on the streets and what is keeping them on the streets.

We are making a list of homeless people we encounter that need all the help they can get.  If you can, SERIOUSLY, please pray for them.

And also if you you can please help them in some other way as well such as by tutoring or mentoring them in some kind of skillset, or giving them some kind of work, or life guidance.

Please help them to learn to earn, and  how to feel good about themselves not just artificially feeling good about themselves.

We would love to have as many people as possible who would be willing to join us in being part of helping to transform some lives. 

Ways you can give

We are collecting donations that will fund programming that will promote learn to earn, and we are collecting donations that will be given to the homeless with no expectations, so you can decide how you want to give.

Our learn to earn programming is being designed to create a sustainable way of living that with the use of resources provided promotes a structured lifestyle of success.

Our give with no expectations programming allows you to give in the spirit of giving to the homeless population through us when we encounter them when we go out into the streets.

A couple people we met

This is David Bauman a military child that was born in Waco Texas. He lost his job years ago and he lost his house due to forclosure. He wants to keep his dog by his side which makes it difficult for him because he cannot stay at the shelters unless he puts his dog in the kennels.

This is Jay who says he has been living here in San Antonio without a place to call home for about 15 years. He says he has been dealt a bad hand in life, but he would like to earn a living and contribute to society. He said that he would pick up litter in exchange or do some kind of other work in exchange for some compensation.

Painted by Jay

A couple of the many paintings that he has painted and sells on the streets in town.

There is probably more unfound talent and opportunity out there than we are aware of.

If we can just find a way to connect the dots in life, success may be not that far away.


Creating Working Opportunities

One of the objectives of City Problem Solvers is to create respectable job opportunities where it is not just the type of work that makes you feel good about yourself, but it is also the people around you that respect you and treat you like human beings that are truly doing something important that really matters in life. Starting off as a method of evaluation, we plan to offer Trash / Remediation and other entry level work opportunities within this organization and from other businesses that are made known to us for our programming purposes. Then after some of the evaluation process we should be able to determine who wants to learn to earn more, and who wants to stay where they are in life.