City Cleanup Events

Proactive Environmental Awareness and Appreciation Programs

When things are out of place it has a negative mental effect on someone whether they realize it or not, it breeds chaos and mental instability, it creates disorientation, confusion, and a weakened senses of right and wrong, ….it becomes a blurred line between what is or should be acceptable and what is not or should not be acceptable.

For example if you were in a place where there was litter all over the floor you would possibly feel like it is ok for you to drop a popsicle stick on the floor, but if you were in that same place and there wasn’t any litter anywhere around, you would be more likely to think that it is not ok to drop a popsicle stick on the floor.

A Major Problem!

Images below show you an example of a major Trash / Litter problem in the city.
And these pictures are nothing compared to many even worse places in the city.

We need to make the effort to get involved and work together and stand up for what we believe is a good cause.
City Problem Solvers cares about Trash / Litter Remediation, and Homeless Rehabilitation and other good causes.

Because of an ongoing problem getting worse over time, people, (according to research), mostly between ages 16 to 34 have gotten into the mindset that it is ok to litter. If somehow magically all the trash and litter in the city disappeared, guess what, the very next day trash and litter would start building up again all over the city. What we need is to help systematically change the mindset of the people because right now some people believe it is the city that should pick up all of their trash and litter.

So in addition to city wide trash cleanup events, we first of all plan on doing something about prevention, because no matter how much trash and litter we pick up, the problem is going to keep getting worse unless we do something to protect the environment in the first place.

Environmental Protection is a Major part of the Solution!

There really is so much Trash and Litter around the city, and we need everyone to standup for  making the environment we live in a better place to live!

Here are some images from some of our cleanups that we would love for you to be a part of.

Some communities or individuals that we would love to join us:

*Church Groups looking for some opportunities to exercise humility for the sake of not being controlled by pride.

lets face it it takes a humble heart, a diamond in the rough, kind of person who is willing to pick up other people’s trash.


*Any College, High School, or places of education that have interested students, faculty, or staff

*Business organizations that have the man power resources and really care about environmental remediation


*Any Individual or organization that sees the need for helping to preserve or remedy the environment.


*Other nonprofit organizations, environmental organizations, neighborhood associations

A BIG problem that keeps only getting worse:

Micro Trash!

What you see here above is called micro trash, and it is often overlooked during superficial cleanup events. The problem with this type of trash is that it just keeps adding up and gets to the point where it becomes more and more noticeable over time. Unfortunately because it was considered an acceptable loss when it wasn’t very noticeable at first, once it becomes more noticeable it has gotten to the point where it has already gotten into the mindset that it is not big and important enough to pick up. Therefore it becomes considered to be an acceptable loss in the fight against pollution. But City Problem Solvers wants to go deep and not just pick up the bigger Trash and Litter, we want to do something about ALL the trash and litter because there needs to be a clear and visible boundary between right and wrong, otherwise what is will continue to be. We are currently working on leaf blower vacuum system that can loosen up micro trash that is embedded in dried up dirt and filter out dirt and just suck up and keep anything bigger than a quarter of an inch in size.

There is trash and litter along almost all segments of roadside.

We are working with a program called adopt a spot because it makes sense that we join up with an already working program, but also if you have some locations that really needs a cleanup please let us know and we will try to make it out there.

Click the image above to go the the Adopt -A- Spot program and find a spot near you to adopt

How would you feel if you were walking down the sidewalk or along the roadside and you couldn’t help but notice that the whole way along there was micro trash all around you? 

We need to cleanup our sidewalks and roadways so kids walking to school can do so not feeling like they are walking through a landfill on their way to school!

We are currently in the process of trying to work with the city to put plans into action to do the following:
(But if you have a good or better way to make it happen, please let us know.)


Work with the city to get permission to put up No littering signs and uphold code enforcement policies.


Code Enforcement – rather than fines people can be given court orders to participate in cleanup events.


Work with the city to put up foster/adopt signs for organizations for keeping segments of highways clean.
(Similar to the Adopt -A-Spot perk)


Work with the city to get permission to put round trash / recycle bins  for collections on street corners.

We need to really do something about the dumping problem as well.

Something we haven’t quite started yet but are working on is a Friends with a Truck program to help people to take stuff to the city dumpster, because most people have cars and not everyone knows someone with a truck.
In addition to that we’re considering the possibility of putting up game cameras to help stop repeated dumping.