K-12th Grade School Environmental Program

Working with carefully selected college school students and talented public speakers from within our organization, we aim to give live in school presentations, and in classroom video instruction to reach K- 12th grade students on their level in an important and understandable way that serves to foster an authentic concern for the current conditions of the environment we live in, and a passionate dedication towards being part of the solution to make important short and long term decisions that will create noticeable change that will have some immediate results but will also have some long term results as to be expected in the process of environmental protection and environmental remediation.

Ultimately the goal is to create a working system of solutions that start with city level preventative measures by creating an early on childhood appreciation for the environment that will continue to be important to the child as the child gets older and moves forward in life.

And as the child gets older in life our program offers some important encouraging reminders of how doing our part to be part of the solution to the currently getting worse pollution is what needs to be done for a better future for present and future generations.


What the program offers for Schools, Teachers, Students, and Family:

*A great way to teach students about environmental awareness, and appreciation, and give them reminders of the importance of caring for the environment and how it is better to not litter.

*Flexibility learning style options, either live and in person assembly style presentations, or in class room video coarse style learning.

*For schools seeking to expand extra curricular activities, or to find fulfillment activities, there will be some age appropriate opportunities to gain during school or after school required community service hours.

*For schools or students looking to find ways to add value to their school, it will give them the opportunity to be recognized as a leading school in Environmental Awareness and Appreciation.

*For schools that participate there will be annual award ceremonies where schools, and community leaders are recognized for taking the lead in helping the community in environmental awareness and appreciation.

*It is a great opportunity to earn and receive additional awards from a city organization for efforts in Environmental Protection.

*There is potential opportunities for partnership funding from grants awarded for environmental awareness and appreciation.

*Opportunity to gain some qualifications for EPA National Environmental Youth Advisory Council Potential Candidacy Experience.

*Opportunity to gain some credit for caring for your city environment. 

Additional Resources:
(To assist in the ongoing development of environmental awareness and appreciation, we offer additional resources)
(Please request these free resources and we will get them to you as soon as possible)

* Hallway and window posters 

*Take home brochures

*Class Activity Sheets

*Award Certificates

*Eco stickers


Last modified: November 26, 2023

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