W Houston Street Revival

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Corridor on W Houston Street between Milam Park and Centro Plaza Bus Station
Objective -To make the corridor be as much of a “complete street” as possible, and restore and revitalize the corridor to be the best that is can be, so it can have a reliably safe and convenient way to get to and from using the public transportation system to promote a better and healthier local community, and support sustainability and economical growth.

Some of what we would like to achieve along the corridor:

*Clean up litter and power wash streets, sidewalks, and sides of buildings
*Add more garbage bins / dumpsters  in the area for homeless people to use
* Put up no littering signs /  possible fines in areas that we picked up litter.
*Add no soliciting signs, security cameras, and emergency call stations
*Add street lights, and banners that promote / encourage using the bus.
*Maybe start a community garden and/ or have monthly vendor fairs
*Add Historical Markers, and recognition along fence line from San Saba to I 35 /10
*Underneath I 35 / 10 paint columns, sidewalks, and add a few security cameras
*S PanAm Expy  to 700 W Houston St building, find someone to help put in a sidewalk
*From end of McDonalds sidewalk to Frio St, landscape with gravel and heat resistant plants
*(And we need LIGHTING Because it Is pitch black at night and scary even to drive through)
* 700 W Houston St building remove weeds, paint mural  on north and west side of building
*700 W Houston St building remove shoes on lines, fix windows, add a few security cameras
*Across from 700 W Houston St building / long balcony – paint / windows add historic markers
*N Leona from W Houston to W Commerce St – ask Police Dep. to temp add mobile police unit
*Building in the back of Texstar Bank property parking lot – remove graffiti and Paint mural on it
*Figure out what to temporarily do with old Whitt Printing Co. building (Use a Community Survey)
*Northeast and Southeast corners of Frio and W Houston add landscaping and art installations
*900 W Houston St,  power wash / paint boarded up windows and doors, add security cameras
*908 W Houston St,-  re-board up to make look better / paint boarded up windows and doors
*Between 900 and 908 W Houston – move fence back 2 feet and put landscaping dirt and plants
*910 W Houston St. / *N Medina St from W Houston to W Commerce St – power wash buildings, paint boarded up windows and doors, put up metal gates in doorways,  put up signs that says “Private Property” “No Trespassing” “No Loitering” “Keep Away”, remove shoes, ask Police Dep. to add mobile police unit, and emergency call stations

Theme for Corridor Revitalizing:
 In Honor of Jesus Treviño and all past, present, and future children of the world, we would like to continue with the theme of the Spirit of Healing Mural next to Milam park that is on the side of the Children’s Hospital.

Jesus Treviño (December 24, 1946 – February 13, 2023), better known as Jesse Treviño, was a Mexican-born American visual artist. He essentially became a Chicano artist after he was wounded in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, which required him to learn how to paint with his left hand. He did the Spirit of Healing Mural next to Milam park that is on the side of the Children’s Hospital.

Underneath I 35 / 10 Expressway

We would like to Paint Murals on some of these Pillars.

We need a sidewalk!

Please help make it happen!

We have talked with Cordsen Construction Company who has offered to help us bridge the gap which will have a positive effect not just on district 1 and 5 but on local residents and business owners throughout the whole city.

We would like to encourage any, and all that would like to also be stakeholders in one way or another in the W Houston Street Revival to come forward and help us this truly meaningful work.

This side little building sits in the back of the American Bank lot and from time to time it gets vandalized with negative messaging. We would like to get permission from American Bank to paint a mural on the building that would have a positive and uplifting message that would be good for the whole neighborhood area. If you can, please help us to get permission for this.

A Building left in Ruins

This building is the old Whitt Printing Co. and is now designated as a historical Landmark. What do you think should  done be to this building a restoration, or a renovation, or should the property owners be the ones to decide?  Keep in mind the Golden Rule, what if this was your property?

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There is a city battle to Buy and Restore or Demolish this old building

It's a shame to let this happen

Lets all come together and do something meaningful to revitalize this corridor back to its former glory, and have a positive impact on the city and the people that live here.

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Homelessness Affects All of Us!

Currently there is a major Homeless Problem in the City of San Antonio.
There are a number of ways to try to solve the Homeless Problem.
Please check this box if you have some possible solutions.

I would like to help!

We would like some additional public safety support here 

Last modified: July 5, 2024

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